Pythian Sisters

The Pythian Sisters is a recognized auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias and women 16 years of age or older may apply for membership. In addition to ritualistic work the Pythian Sisters organization engage in “altruistic efforts” and hold to the four principals of Purity, Love, Equality and Fidelity. Pythian Knights are eligible for membership however they have no vote and cannot hold office in the Pythian Sisters. Many Knights join in support of the Sisters. Both the Knight lodges and the Sisters Temple work together in numerous activities and projects.

Tennessee has one Pythian Sisters Temple located in Rockwood, Tn. It was reorganized and instituted on July 17,1993 with 36 women as charter members. The current membership is 27 as of 12/31/2013. They meet every first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:OOPM at Oak Leaf Lodge Hall in Rockwood. Jewell Breeden serves as Most Excellent Chief. You may log on to the Pythian Sisters web page at:www.tennesseepythians.org or at www.pythias.org then click on appropriate icon.

Volunteer Temple #1` Pythian Sisters in Rockwood has had a great year in 2013, we initiated 8 new Sisters during the year and have initiated one to date in January 2014. Our Temple attendance has increased to around 12 plus each meeting. We have supported and participated in numerous local charity and community projects.

The Secretary now provides a Newsletter to the membership. The new officers for 2016 are as follows:

Jr. Past Chief          Trula Pelfrey
Most Excellent Chief    Jewell Breeden
Manager                 Jeni Kelly
Excellent Senior        Jennifer Ezell
Excellent Junior        Linda Rector
Secretary               Kathy Cole
Treasurer               Janice Hayes
Protector               Pat Brown
Guard                   Connie Human

For information and/or Membership in the Pythian Sisters, contact Kathy Cole, Secretary of Volunteer Temple #1, Pythian Sisters.
Volunteer Temple #1 Pythias Sisters
Rockwood, Tn.